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This is the foundation for all my crafting mods. It has resources that are shared across multiple crafting mods and it keeps them from becoming bloated with duplicate items. It also allows you to download all my other content in a modular fashion, giving you more control of the size of your downloads folder.

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Core Crafting




Brazen Delivery Service

This mod adds a delivery service named 'Brazen Delivery' that your sim can access through their phone or mailbox. There are various shops you can contact to receive deliveries from, each focusing on specific types of ingredients. These specialty shops have items in stock but are only open on certain days of the week, and some shops only carry seasonal items.

I did it this way because I really wanted purchasing ingredients to feel like other farming sims where you can get supplies from different types of shops during normal business hours. To make it worth the wait, I've discounted all specialty shop items and added an option for rare items to rotated out periodically.

The service will deliver ingredients to you as long as you have them installed in your game, but some ingredients will be available by default. There is also a 24-hour Grocery where you can purchase items at any time but there is a significant upcharge for the convenience. 

Items will be delivered in their own custom package by a Brazen Delivery Courier. You'll know they're a courier by their bright pink shirts and caps with a golden lotus on them. They'll drop the package on your lot, usually on a surface, and then you can open the package, and the items will go into your fridge or sims inventory.

The Brazen Homestead Craftbooks

A stack of books object, 'The Brazen Homestead Craftbooks,' comes with this mod and allows your sims to access various crafting recipes when clicking on it. Both in-game and my custom crafting recipes can be found in its crafting menus. Find it in Appliances > Kitchen Appliances.


If you shift+click on the Brazen Homestead Cookbooks you'll find some new cheats: 

  • Add Reference Info to Notebook - This will automatically add a new notebook entry to your Sim's Notebook that gives some basic info on how a specific mod, like Cheesemaking, works. These are meant to be a quick, basic reference to help you get started with some of my more expansive mods and crafting items.

  • DELETE Notebook Entries - If you remove an item from your game that has a notebook entry it can cause issues. You'll need to use this option to clear your notebook and to stop any errors from triggering. You can also use this option if you'd like to delete and reset a section of the Brazen Homestead Notebook. You cannot delete individual entries though, so know that you'll need to delete an entire section to remove any entries.

I've also added a cheat to the Fizzing Machine to fix a bug that recently showed up. The fizzing machine will say 'Ready' and not let you interact with it after loading a save. If you load your lot and you have this issue, you can shift-click on the machine and choose the new option I added to 'Reset' it, and you should be able to use it.

New Crafting Menus

This file will also add new crafting menus on the teamaker, coffee maker, fizzing station, and woodworking table so you have a place where you can craft my custom drinks or crafting recipes. Please note the woodworking bench will still have EA's menus in addition to my custom menus. If you'd like to remove them for a cleaner, more organized appearance then you'll need to install an additional Core Module. Check out the 'Optional Mods' section below.

Please keep in mind you must have the custom recipes or required packs installed for the new crafting menus to show up.

New Ingredients & Recipes

I've added a glass of red and white nectar recipe to the bar, Mixology level 1 is required to make them. These glasses can be drunk or used as ingredients in my custom recipes!

Small Overrides

I've included some small overrides to enhance gameplay that aren't commonly overridden, so they shouldn't conflict with other mods. See the 'Conflicts' section below.

Similar Mods


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Core Mod

An extra special Thanks to the Patrons who contributed to this content!

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