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This mod provides a basic foundation for all my other mods, crafting recipes, cooking recipes, and harvestables. It has resources that are shared across multiple mods and it keeps my files from becoming bloated with duplicate resources. It also allows you to download my content in a modular fashion, giving you more control of the size of your downloads folder. You won't be able to interact with this mod directly but it will provide the basis for other mods to work properly.

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Core Mod




Custom Tags:

This file adds new tags to the game that I use for my mods and recipes. You won't interact with most of them directly, but I've created some additional tags that allow you to use a 'type' of ingredient for my recipes instead of using a specific one. For example, in some of my recipes, you can use 'Any Spicy Pepper' instead of a specific type of pepper, like a chili pepper. 

There are two ts4.script files that come with this download. If you don't want to use my custom tags, then don't install the 'IngredientTags_Enabler' file. This will remove custom 'Any...' ingredients from recipe ingredient requirements.

Note on Compatibility: 

I don't usually track compatibility or integrate with other creator's mods but I'm often asked about SCCO. As of 12/8/23, it doesn't look like our mods conflict because we use completely different methods of adding custom ingredients to the game. As far as I can tell, this file should work fine alongside that mod.

Transfer Inventory by Category:

With this mod installed, you can move certain types of ingredients in bulk from one inventory to another. It also allows you to transfer ingredients by categories, like 'Fresh Ingredients' or 'Meats'. This works for all my custom ingredients and some in-game ingredients. This feature is available on the Fridge and storage containers, as well as some of my other custom content if you have it installed.

Custom Notebook Entries:

This file enables custom notebook entries for my content. I want to give a big thanks to Lot51 for their Notebook Injector code and to both Lot51 and Frankk for all the amazing tools they have available on their sites. 🙏❤️🤗 Also, a big thank you to everyone on the Creator Musings Discord, where there is a huge wealth of knowledge and a ton of tutorials available.

Small Overrides:

I've included some small overrides to enhance gameplay that aren't commonly overridden, so they shouldn't conflict with other mods. See the 'Conflicts' section below.

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An extra special Thanks to the Patrons who contributed to this content!

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